Eivaan Hostel

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Experience a quiet and peaceful stay at the traditional Ivan hostel!

اقامتگاه اشتراکی هاستل ایوان

coffee shop

Eivaan Hostel coffee shop with full menu for breakfast


Spa, massage, traditional bath, Sand and salt room in Eivaan Hostel

Hostel facilities

High speed wireless internet, TV room


A variety of handicraft products in the traditional store of Hostel Eivaan

About Eivaan Hostel

Traditional residence in Tehran

Eivaan Hostel is one of the largest hostels in the country with 10 separate rooms in four types: royal exclusive, VIP exclusive, normal exclusive and shared room, ready to provide services in the center of Tehran and near medical and administrative centers as well as public transportation, subway and bus.

Today, a hostel is not only a place to stay, but also an opportunity to have a pure experience.

For this purpose, Eivaan Hostel helps you to expand your circle of friends by providing ideal amenities (coffee shop/traditional bath and spa/green space) in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

With years of experience in the field of hospitality and tourism, Ivan offers you a new style of hospitality and is ready to sign contracts with all companies, organizations and sports teams.

Eivaan hostel rooms

A must stay

VIP room for two people, with independent bathroom, private rooms for three people and all kinds of shared rooms in Eivaan Hostel

Satisfied customers
number of rooms
The number of our personnel
years of experience

Massage and spa

Eivaan Hostel wellness complex

Offering spa, massage and traditional bath services by a team of skilled masseurs, Eivaan Health Center provides you with peaceful moments in a beautiful and clean environment amidst the busyness of city life.