Eivaan hostel

Khurshid's exclusive double room

Specifications of the Khorshid double room

  • 29 meters
  • Two adults
  • A double bed
  • Arrival time: 2:00 pmDeparture time is 12 pm
  • TV
  • internet wifi
  • Breakfast
  • Bathroom and toilet
  • Closet
  • Refrigerator

This room has an independent bathroom and toilet, along with updated towels and toiletries, designed to ensure your comfort.

Double VIP room facilities

  • Refrigerator:
    Take advantage of the small refrigerator in the room to always have access to cool drinks.
  • TV:
    Enjoy watching your favorite programs with full HD TV in the room.
  • Hairdryer:
    A hair dryer is at your disposal to keep your hair in shape.
  • high speed Internet:
    Enjoy a better connection with the virtual world through the room’s high-speed internet.


Memorable breakfasts

Eivaan Hostel will be your host during your stay by providing a full breakfast menu